1-2-1 lessons

1-2-1 lessons offer you the most effective use of your lesson time

One of our experienced instructors will give you 45 minutes of tuition to suit your needs or wishes. It can be getting  used to the water for non-swimmers or if you have a fear of water, tips to improving your stroke techniques or intensive tuition before school swimming or up to the summer holidays. 1-2-1 lessons are for all ages and can also be a preperation for Open-Water swimming, Triathlon training, Baby swimming or Aqua Yoga.



  • kr. 515,-  for 1–2-1 tuition in the public pool (with your instructor in the water)
  • If you are more than one who want to share a lesson, or if you want to have your own lane, you will need to book and pay for one or more lanes. 
  • The cost is 515,- kr. for the lesson and then lane-rental on top of this. The additionl costs can be found under gældende priser.


If you are interested please write to Kildeskov@gentofte.dk

General terms for 1-2-1 lessons

The instructor must be in the water during 1-2-1 lessons in the public pool. If there is more more than 1 swimmer in the lesson, a seperate lane must be reserved through Kildeskovshallen’s administration.

When you have paid at the ticket-office, you will receive an wristband which must be worn throughout the lesson.