English Pre-school   4-5 years old


Our focus is on stimulating your child’s balance, movement, and muscle groups. Raising your child’s self-confidence and increasing their trust while strengthening the bond between you both.

Your child will learn submerging and balancing skills, blow bubbles underwater, splash, kick, float, glide and jumping, all increasing their independence in the water.

All of these are the basis for learning to swim alone.



Your child must be accompanied by an adult in the water.

We recommend swimming nappies/diapers underneath tight-fitting swimming trunks or bathing-suits.

Goggles are compulsory.

This class is for new-beginners or children who have not yet mastered the requirements for Småbørn 3+.



Kicking with a woggle across the pool, from side to side, without assistance.

Starfish float on their backs.

Mushroom float face down in the water.