How to make a cancellation


If you want to cancel your lessons:

  1. Login to your profile on our website:
  2. Choose ”PROFIL” in the top menu and click on ”Oversigt”
  3. Scroll down to ”Nyttige funktioner” bottom left.
  4. Select ”Passivitet/Udmeldelse”
  5. State if you want to cancel or keep your membership on hold and write a comment if necessary.

If you request to cancel, your profile will be closed and deleted from the system. If you choose to keep your membership on hold, you will always be able to re-open your profile, if you decide to continue lessons in the future. An administrator will promptly accept your request after first checking if you are to be re-inbursed or any arrears.

When you are logged-in  to your profile, you can see your receipt under “økonomi” 

If you have any queries please write to us at