At Kildeskov Svøm & Seniorsport it is possible to sign yourself up on our waiting-lists for one or more particular courses which suit your age-group.  

When you are offered a place via the waiting-list, you will receive a message by email  about which course you have been offered a slot, along with how long you have to decide if you want to accept the slot.

If you miss the cut-off for registration for the vacant slot, you will be deleted from the waiting-list for that course. 

When the season ends in week 25, and also in the week 4, all waiting-lists will be deleted, and when the new season’s lesson plans are ready and registration open in week 26, it will once again be possible to put yourself on waiting-lists for the particular courses, if you did not manage to get a slot for the lessons you wanted. 

It is not possible to remain on the waiting-list from year to year.

If you have any questions, please send an email to: kildeskov@gentofte.dk