Payment instructions



Login to your profile at


If you have more than one profile, you need to choose the profile for whom you wish to make payment for. This is done by clicking on the triangle next to your name in the top right corner, after which you will be able to see the names of all the profiles you administer. Choose the desired profile by clicking on the name.

Plese note that if you have two children to pay for, you have to start by choosing one child’s profile, complete payment for that child by following points 3-6 in these instructions and then choose the other profile, repeat points 3-6 to complete payment.


Then click on  PROFIL in the  menu:


A red square will pop up to make you make you aware that you have an outstanding invoice still to pay - click on the blue text ”Gå til din faktura nu”.


Scroll down and Accepter conditions, select if you want to save you payment details in the system. Then click ”Gennemfør betaling” and complete payment. Please note that if you wish to pay by Mobile Pay, you have to de-select saving your payment details in the system.


If you are having problems in paying, please send an email and state:

• Where in the process you are having problems?

• Whay is the problem?

Please send the email to


You can always see an overview of your payments and outstanding invoices, by clicking on ”ØKONOMI” in the menu under ”PROFIL”.  Then click on ”Fakturaer”.