Saturday sessions - special terms

These conditions only apply for Lørdagssvøm, as these sessions are held outside of the pool’s normal opening-hours.


Saturday sessions are TURBO lessons and run only for a half season at a time. See the difference in lessons types HERE


SPRING  2020 

Lessons begin on Saturday 11th January 2020 and finish on Saturday 2nd May 2020.


For lessons in the Baby pool: Please note there are no lessons on the 8th February, 15th Februar, 28th March, 4th April og 11th April.

12 sessions in total.

Cost kr. 1200,-


For lessons in the Childrens pool: Please note there are no lessons on the 8th February, 15th February, 4th April and 11th April.  

13 sessions in total.

Cost kr. 1300,-


Lessons take place outside the normal opening-hours with an accompanying adult in the water with each child. 

A pool entry-ticket is not needed. 


The teaching-staff is made up of 3 highly qualified and experienced swimming teachers who are looking forward to taking turns in teaching you each week.

Please note that the changing-rooms are only available until 5.30pm, meaning that the last session only have 30 minutes to change after their lesson.

As the ticket/office is closed when you arrive (Closes 3pm), you are required to bring your own swimming nappies and tight-fitting swimsuits or trunks. Both are mandatory. 


Fecal discharge, illness or operational problems can result in the pool closing and lessons cancelled. Please note that no compensation is given for lost tuition.

If there are more than one cancellation per six months, there will be for the second cancellation and subsequent cancellations, offered replacement lessons (or compensation for lost tuition). 

Eventual compensation lessons will take place on 16th May, 6th June and  20th June 2020.